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Kenny Dubroff

Full Stack iOS Developer, Teacher, Tech Editor

I love developing apps because I love to see a vision come to life and be brought to the masses - literally at their fingertips... and I love being part of a team that does that.

I love to teach almost as much as I love to learn, because through teaching, not only do I get to see others grow, but I get to grow too! As an added bonus, I get to learn more than I ever would have had I not taught someone what I know.

I'm a Tech Editor for the Server Side Swift Team at raywenderlich.com because I love being part of a team that teaches so many iOS Developers.

See My Projects

iOS Apps


Nestor allows parents and potential ABA business owners (mentees) to connect with experienced ABA Business Owners (mentors) who can answer questions about their children on the spectrum, or about starting and/or expanding their own practice.

Nestor is built on a Swift frontend and incorporates a Firebase backend using Node.js to communicate with the Stripe Connect API to facilitate secure payments between mentor and mentee.

Devlogger (Coming Soon)

Devlogger makes logging your most recent development exploits easy by reminding you to make log entries either on a schedule or every time you make a commit to selected repositories!

Devlogger is built on a Vapor backend and SwiftUI frontend

An image of the calendar view in the upcoming app DevLogger, showing just a single entryAn image of the calendar view in the upcoming app DevLogger, showing 2 entries on 2 separate days



RestedHub aims to put all of the GitHub Rest API methods at your fingertips with simple commands like RestedHub().getUser("froggomad")

RestedHub uses URLSession rather than 3rd party networking libraries to handle authenticated calls as well as anonymous calls. There are plans to add OAuth support as well, but currently the user must be authenticated through OAuth and have a token in order to use authenticated calls (such as getting private repositories).


Tinkering with IoT Devices (Raspberry pi)

I love making IoT devices (or trying to lol). I have a Raspberry pi and building something as simple as a little device with a flashing light that sends some data to an endpoint is so satisfying!

My daughter and I have recently started building little gadgets together too. It's a great way for us to bond together and have some fun!

Gaming (PS5, PC, Mac)

Gaming is my go-to for blowing off steam. Fragging noobs, building worlds, grand thefting some autos... the fun never stops! Gaming is one thing that has kept my interest in computers alive over the years. I've been gaming for over 30 years!

My aging catalog needs an upgrade, and so does my PC!

Playing Guitar

I just picked this one up in May of 2021... again. Playing guitar is something I've always wanted to learn, and I decided I'm going to take it a little bit more seriously this time. I've dedicated at least an hour a day (when my sore fingers can tolerate it).

I'm having a lot of fun learning different techniques with Rocksmith and by watching YouTube videos!

My oldest son's Squire that I've started playing since he's moved out and left it behind 🎸